Our Work

Our Work

With 1.4 million members helping local communities in more than 208 countries through 46,000 clubs, Lions Clubs International is the largest service member organisation in the world.

As you can imagine, statistics showing the work done by these ordinary men and women are pretty impressive. But perhaps the most memorable fact about Lions Clubs is that every penny we collect through fund-raising goes direct to support good causes. Our administration costs are paid for by members’ subscriptions and some social events.

Another fact about Lions is that we are able to react quickly to support local communities or  whenever a natural disaster strikes. Our humanitarian help is provided by local Lions who volunteer their support on the ground – backed by grants from the Lions Clubs International Foundation and fund-raising by Lions Clubs across the world. For example, in 2014, Lions Clubs throughout the British Isles and Ireland pledged £200,000 to provide vital water filtration systems for local communities affected by the disaster caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

We also respond to local needs – and changing circumstances. Helping to support those experiencing financial hardship in recent years, Lions Clubs have organised job fairs, set up food banks and managed charity shops and stalls.

Great Yarmouth Lions Club are currently active with these activities:

Medic Alert

Message in a Bottle

Recycling unwanted spectacles

To date we have recycled over 78,300 pairs of spectacles.          We have collection bins in the following locations:

We will also endeavor to Support   other charities  and local events with Manpower.