Great Yarmouth Food Bank

Great Yarmouth Lions club have been able to support the Great Yarmouth Foodbank with the support of a grant from Lions Clubs International. They have made funds available to the UK Lions clubs to offer much needed assistance to their local communities during the COVID-19 Crisis.

The grant allocation of £250 was matched by GYLC, bringing the total donation to £500.

The Emergency Delivery this service serves those who are self-isolating and are unable to source food in any other way and is in addition to the existing voucher system that continues to be served by collection foodbank sessions which are also seeing higher demand.

The Emergency Delivery Service began on March 16th since then the GY Foodbank have made:

596 deliveries of 7 day food parcels, serving 842 unique people, including 278 children.

received 399 calls

in April, alone, fed the equivalent of 707 adults and 406 children for 7 days.

are also attempting to ensure any extras families may need – including nappies, baby food, toiletries and pet food.

Currently the service is being maintained with a team of 98 volunteers who are acting as call handlers, food parcel packers, delivery drivers and various other roles.