Food Bank

Due to the unprecedented demand placed on local Food Banks, Great Yarmouth Lions Club decided to donate most of the donations received from their Christmas Sleigh Runs. This in the form of donations of food to the value of £200 pounds per month, over a 6 month period. The first of these was made in January, the second, delivered in the last few days.

Making deliveries on a monthly basis, enables the Lions Club to make appropriate purchases, according to the requirements of the Food Bank at the relevant time. This project was deemed as the most appropriate way of providing support to a wide ranging number of local people.

With the exception of the most recent online sleigh donations, via a Just Giving Page, Great Yarmouth Lions Club in keeping with many other charities, have not been able to engage in face to face fundraising for the past 12 month. The hope is that this summer, things will change for the better.